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10 Elements of An Effective Print Ad

Elements of An Effective Print Ad

No matter what people say about print publications, people still purchase and read them on a frequent basis. Reaching print readers to generate response takes effective advertising strategies.  Below are 10 elements of an effective print ad.  



1.  The product or service.  The ad should attract people to product or service.  It should provide a solution to a persona problems and attract prospects at the bottom funnel of the sales cycle that are ready to act.


2.  Strategic targeting.  Ads need to engage with target personas.  The more you know about the personas the better you can position your marketing message to reach and engage with these audiences.  


3.  Provide a strong offer or an ethical bribe and making it irresistible to the prospect.


4.  Creating a strong Headline that implies the offer


5.  Develop support for the offer through proof elements such as facts, research, stats, testimonials, gurantees, etc.


6.  Position value of purchase to outweigh price


7.  Include strong visual elements and pictures that illustrate the message of the headline.  


8.  Creating a strong "CTA" or Call To Action such as a gift, reward, benefit, etc. abd feature urgency or time stamp sucha as limited quantity, seating, etc. 


9.  Include a tracking mechanism to manage leads such as a coupon, dedicated phone number, landing page, etc.


10.  Develop a simple clean ad layout that illustrates the sequence of the elements of the offer.

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Although newspaper subscriptions have noticed a decrease in the last few years, newspaper ads still reach and attract affluent audiences in local communities and is still a powerful strategy for advertisers to reach their local audiences.


Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 7, 2014 3:30:00 AM
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