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3 Types of People Who Still Read Newspaper Advertisements

What Persona Types Still Read the Newspaper?

It is a fact that readership of newspaper ads has dropped significantly in the past decade due to a shift from print media to digital media.  This transition corresponds to an increase in the use of mobile devices to access online content, allowing people to perform on-the-go activities that were previously done via desktop computer.  As with all other things that are being accessed online in today's digitally driven society, local, regional, and global news is also sought out online with greater frequency than via print media.



Despite the availability of an infinite variety of information in the digital world, there are still three types of people who read print media and newspaper ads.  These three types often overlap or are parts of the same individual.  For companies who want to target these demographics, the use of newspaper ads in print media should be considered an effective tool for marketing purposes.

  • College Educated & Employed In or Retired From White-Collar Profession

  • White Male, 40 to 80 Years Of Age

  • Household Income of $100,000 Or More

Newspaper ads that target those demographics, which frequently co-exist in many individuals, should address wants, needs, problems, and concerns these particular people have or encounter during their daily routine.  This might include financial security and retirement, investments, homeowner concerns, political topics with conservative leanings, and peripheral matters involving family members, such as educational funding for their children.

Marketing strategies that employ newspaper ads can achieve greater effectiveness for the companies who use them when they are designed to focus on the things that those three types of people find most important.  Generalizing advertisements or newspaper ads that address the wants and needs of a more diverse demographic will fall far short of marketing goals because they are not tailored to appeal to the audience to which they will receive the most exposure.

While it may seem more difficult to use newspaper ads to acquire leads and sales because of the narrow range of exposure they would receive, the opposite is actually true.  Using newspaper ads can be easier and achieve results that surpass your expectations simply because of the more restricted audience.  By removing the task of defining your audience, since it is already defined, you can apply your efforts more productively toward streamlining your marketing campaigns to offer the greatest appeal to those to which they'll have the greatest impact.

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Feb 2, 2015 1:00:00 PM
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