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3 Ways We Help Local Businesses with SEO

Newspapers and SEO?

Newspaper websites actually have high page rank and link authority especially within the local regions where they serve. Local newspapers are the main source where big national media sites like Yahoo get their local news from. Because of this link authority, media companies such as the Orange County Register and The Press Enterprise partnered with tech company Own Local to develop online business directories and other web services to help their clients with SEO.  

Freedom News Group local SEO directories

3 Ways We Help Local Businesses with SEO    


Freedom News Group Print to Web Newspaper ad optimization




Print to Web SEO

Print to web allows traditional print advertisers to display their ads in local search results.  Every newspaper print ad our clients run becomes a new indexed link on Google and other search engines.  That means potential buyers can find our client's print ads every time they do a relevant keyword search.  In certain instances, multiple indexed links dominate the first page of Google.  This give our clients more google shelf space and top of mind for certain keyword searched performed by potential clients.     

Freedom News Group Directory Optimzation


Be Found Online with SEO Business Directories

Our local business directories develop high ranking indexed links on keyword searches.  This allows businesses to be found online through relevant keyword searched performed by potential customers.  In some instances, our directories rank higher than the client's acutal website.  This again is due to the high linke authority that local newspaper websites have which are connected to the local business directories.    




Directories Help Our Client's Websites with Higher Search Ranking

Each business directory profile is robust with descriptive content which have the keywords that our clients try to rank for.  Our directories also have powerful backlinks that lead to our client's web pages.  Because of the high link authority of the business directories/newspaper websites, these backlinks help improve our client's search engine ranking of their websites.

The Digital Newspaper Agency

Although print advertising revenue has decreased over the years due the change in how people find businesses, newspaper companies such as Freedom News Group are increasing their online service portfolio to help local businesses connect with local customers.  This is just one of the new products that we offer as we tranform from a newspaper company to a full service media company.  


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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Nov 4, 2014 8:50:00 PM
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