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4 Parts of an effective Lead Generation Campaign

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

The Internet has transformed the marketing landscape. As more consumers opt to look for information online, businesses have to realign their marketing strategies to reach their target customers. However, not all businesses are getting it right with online marketing campaigns. Some campaigns are just not resulting to the leads marketers are looking fo

To generate leads online, you need to know your  buyer personas and reach them with a compelling offer. You need an effective marketing campaign.





Creating an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

Your inbound marketing campaigns have four crucial parts; offer, call-to-action (CTA), and a lead capture form.

1. Offer

This is what draws the prospect to you. The offer should solve the pain that the prospect has. An effective offer should play into the psychology of the prospect not to miss on it. Use the following tactics with your offer:

  • Scarcity – The offer should either have an expiry date or imply a restricted amount. Better still, it can feature both elements.

  • Newsjacking – When there is some news trending, get on board and tailor your offer on the same.

  • Great title – The title is what attracts the prospect to your offer. A great offer with a weak title will rarely get noticed.

2. Call-To-Action (CTA)

This is how you prompt the prospect to act on the offer. The CTA can be a button or an image that leads the prospect to the landing page with the offer. An effective CTA should:

  • Be easily noticeable – Place the CTA buttons where prospects are sure to see them. Setting the CTA above the fold of your website content works best.

  • Have a clear message – The CTA should be as concise as possible, clearly stating what your offer is.

  • Stand out – This is where you can bend the color scheme of your website without hurting its reputation. Make the CTA stand out from the other website content.

  • Provides solutions at the right buying cycle

  • Direct to the correct landing page – The CTA should lead the prospect to a relevant landing page on the offer.

3. Landing Page

This is a special page that contains details of the offer. Each landing pages should be dedicated to one offer, even if you have other offers. Below are some tips on creating an effective landing page:

  • No site navigation – Do not distract the prospects by including navigation links on the landing page.

  • Relevant landing page title - Match the landing page title to the CTA that directs to it.

  • Less is more – Do not overstuff the landing page with unnecessary information. Emphasis on how the offer will solve the prospect’s pain.


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4. Lead Capture Form

The lead capture form enables you to get the details on your prospects. Without a form, all you will have are impressions with no way to follow up on your prospects. 

not bog down the prospect with too many questions on the form. Keep the form short and ask only for the minimum bare information. Do

To generate quality leads, you need to know your prospects and how to approach them. The above are four ways in which you can make your online marketing campaigns more effective.

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 1, 2014 3:30:00 AM
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