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5 Digital Ad Solutions That Freedom News Group Offers

Newspapers and Digital Advertising Solutions


The History of Newspapers Companies and Digital Ads

About 10 Years ago newspaper media companies started to transition their ad sales opportunities from print to digital.  This transition started with online banner ads on their own news websites as well as high traffic partner networks such as  Years later, more digital/tech companies took the opportunity to partner with newspapers to expand their digital service offering.  Newspapers are now full service media agencies that provide both print and digital advertising solutions to their local audience.    

5 Digital Ad Solutions Freedom News Group Offers That You Probably Didn't Know     

1.  Targeted Display Advertising


Besides offering digital ads to the local news audience visiting newspaper websites, new media partners have expanded opportunities to serve ads to digital ad networks with more targeting options.  Digital ads can now be served to targeted personas on sites that they frequently visit.  Through ad re-targeting technology, ads can also follow people in the sites they visit if they previously clicked on the ad and did not convert.  Other new targeting methods include contextual targeting, geo fencing, and the use of extensive audience data segments to reach the right audience with the right ad.        



2.  Pay Per Click Search Engine Ads


A large majority of people use search engines to find information, products, and services online.  This solution drives qualified leads to local businesses from people looking for their products or services.  Since the method of ad delivery is based on clicks instead of impressions,  PPC can be a great solution for advertisers to appropriately measure ROI through clicks, conversions and calls geenrated by the campaigns.       


3.  Local Business Directories


Local business directories are set up using the organic link power the high traffic news websites.  Because of this strategy, local businesses can benefit from the organic search improvements through the powerful links that the newspaper website generate.  This improves search engine placement as well as driving high traffic from local news websites.     


4.  Social Media Ads


Social media usage has dramatically increased and these social companies provide advertising options to serve users ads based on the information and behavior.  This provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach different personas on the media vehicles that they spend most of their time on.  Each social media channel has different audiences and targeting options. Freedom offers ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter.                  


5.  Inbound Marketing/ Lead Generation Services


Inbound marketing is a methodology of understanding your personas and applying the inbound methodology to your marketing to nurture them down the funnel into new customers and eventually promoters of your business. This methodolgy ties in all digital marketing tactics mentioned above into an integrated approach.  

Our media partnership with the leading inbound marketing software company Hubspot has allowed freedom news group to expand into an inbound/lead generation agency that offers the lead generation software as well as agency inbound services.    


Freedom Interactive

The newspaper industry is continously changing and newspapers all round the world are transforming into full service media agencies.  Because of this change, newspapers are still strong media partners that are important to the community and local businesses.    

Freedom Interactive is the digital advertising arm of the OC Register/Press Enterprise that offers digital ad solutions reaching Southern California markets in Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. This region in the LA DMA consists of different markets with high household income and opportunity for advertisers to reach.      



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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 30, 2015 10:30:00 AM
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