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5 Tips for creating effective newspaper advertising campaigns

Tips for Effective Newspaper Ad Campaigns


Tip #1: Effective Newspaper Advertising means Researching the Market

Certain types of people read the newspaper in each particular region. Before you even begin your advertising campaign, look at the trends provided by the Newspaper Association of America and determine which group you're trying to reach. Newspapers are not the right advertising venue for some products and services - figuring out whether or not effective newspaper advertising is possible for you is the very first thing you should do when deciding whether or not to place the ad.




Tip #2: Consider the Sections for Effective Newspaper Advertising

Each newspaper has a number of sections, and not every reader will read every part of the paper. If your ads aren't getting into the places where your readers are looking, then they may as well not be there at all. Talk to your newspaper about options for ensuring your ad gets the best possible placement.


Tip #3: Effective Newspaper Advertising is Distinctive

The average newspaper page is actually quite large - and basic black text is almost unnoticeable. You'll need to make your ad visually distinctive if you want it to succeed, and that means:

  • Having a border of white space (yes, you're literally going to be paying the newspaper to not print something on a page - but it measurably helps, so you should be doing it)

  • Using attention-getting graphics and images

  • Designing the advertisement so the user's attention flows to the parts you want them to see

  • Making an effort to be different from any other ads on the page

  • Formatting the ad with attractive fonts, creative placement of text, and anything else you need to stick out


Tip #4: Buy The Right Space and Shape for Effective Newspaper Advertising

Shape matters for effective newspaper advertising - as does positioning, in fact. Interior ads (those that do not stretch across the whole page and are placed against the inside fold) tend to be viewed far less often than ads on the outside of a page. Simply investing in an outside position can significantly boost response rates.


Tip #5: Effective Newspaper Advertising is Not Busy

Clean advertisements can look wonderful when they're being planned, but busy advertisements tend to keep the reader involved - and therefore make them more likely to respond. Don't allow readers to linger too long on any one subject when you could advance a better idea instead - keep everything short, simple, and to-the-point.

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Feb 9, 2015 1:00:00 PM
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