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5 tips on how to build effective newspaper ads fo the hispanic market

Reaching the Hispanic Market

The hispanic market is growing faster than most any other in the US, and wise marketers are making use of this when they build effective newspaper ads. It is important to keep in mind that this segment of the population is both early adopters of trends are very savvy about different ways to shop. So to build effective newspaper ads you need to remember that they have options.



Make the Message Less Like a Commercial

Obviously an advertisement is a commercial message, but it does not have to come across blatantly. When you build effective newspaper ads, you come across as sharing the value of a product or service, not as if you are trying to dazzle someone or be overly slick. When your marketing materials come across as a recommendation instead of a sales pitch, you will get far more traction.


Keep it No Nonsense

Attempting to be fancy is not going to impress the hispanic market. They are used to fancy things, and they are understandably dubious about offers that are either ridiculous or that waste their time. To build effective newspaper ads that target this segment of the population, you need to be plain and serious about how great your offering is, not try to confuse the issue. This market segment is actually the most likely to ignore advertising, so your efforts to build effective newspaper ads must be direct.


Be Consistent

Consistency and brand management are critical to this market segment. This group likes to connect with a brand in a slow and permanent way, so keeping consistency builds trust with them. With a highly consistent brand, you will build lots of traction in this market segment.


Make it Bilingual

Bilingual advertising is powerful because it speaks to two different cultural affinities. When both cultures are represented, the younger market feels more in touch with it. Since the hispanic market is very young compared to most in the US, a very large comparative percentage of this group will be more impressed if you use the bilingual approach to build effective newspaper ads.


Understand Trends

Trends are a powerful part of the young American hispanic demographic. They were among the first to adopt mobile devices and are powerful online shoppers. So to build effective newspaper ads, you need to be on top of the current trends and make sure that they are used in your ads effectively. 


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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Feb 23, 2015 11:00:00 AM
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