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5 Ways to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

Turning Facebook Fans into Customers

You have been cultivating quite the Facebook fan base, making sure that your reach is large and followers are consistently interacting with your original content. Your business has daily content being published, so why aren't your Facebook followers turning into paying customers yet?

There are a couple tricks to Facebook fans and turning them into paying customers, most of which are easy to do and replicate week to week. In fact, most of these strategies you could implement right now and see an uptick in fans switching to loyal, paying customers. Here are the five biggest ones that will help give you a sales boost.


  1. Always link back to your website. If your Facebook page and website are not connected, then you're not going to see the sales you want. Making sure your links on your page go back to your website is crucial and provides a bridge for Facebook fans to turn into paying customers. This means having links both on your profile and in your content.

  2. Create enticing Call To Action buttons. On top of links, an eye-catching and enticing CTA button on your Facebook is going to draw in fans interested in your services. Buttons can be created easily and can link fans to a landing page where you gather up email addresses and other important data. Most CTAs offer free incentives such as ebooks, worksheets, or important research crucial to your customer's pain points.

  3. Set up automated workflows. Once you have gathered up enough emails, you can start branching out from Facebook and automate a workflow that will send out emails to prospective leads. They already have an interest in your business, so these types of emails can jump a few paces ahead in the sales funnel and instead provide offers on your services or an opportunity to talk about your potential customer's needs one-on-one.

  4. Know your analytics. Even Facebook heavily relies on analytics and it becomes very important to decide what type of content is working and how to multiply that formula for the best results. Every post you publish on Facebook is going to have data associated with it and you will want to keep an eye on that data to see what your Facebook fans are responding to the most. Higher quality content means better click-through rates and paying customers.

  5. Consistently test and experiment. Marketing on Facebook should be a constant test for your business, as some strategies will start to lose their momentum compared to others. This might be because of changes Facebook makes or the preferences of your Facebook fans. Either way, it is good to keep a close eye on your strategies and tweak them when needed.

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There are many other tips and pointers that ensure your Facebook fans turn into paying customers, all of which can be found in this very useful ebook, How To Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers. The ebook also goes into greater detail of creating CTAs, workflows, and setting up proper analytics. Start seeing the real results you want from your Facebook page and fans.

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 30, 2014 1:21:00 PM
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