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5 ways to use emotional appeal on your newspaper print ads

Marketing with emotional apeal

What makes a great newspaper ad? There are many factors: message, typeface, artwork, headline. What you really need are good newspaper advertising ideas so your message and your business will jump off the page.

No advertising strategy is foolproof, and every effective ad campaign should be tested. However, you don’t have to work on Madison Avenue to come up with a winning idea for a newspaper ad. Here are five things to consider when brainstorming your newspaper advertising ideas:


  1. Appeal to greed – Greed is a universal human motivator and is one of the most effective advertising messages. Offer something for nothing – a free trial, or a free sample, or something value. If you can’t offer something for free, offer it for less or for a limited time. The reason sales always work is because people love a bargain; offer deal and create some urgency by making a limited time offer. If you can find a way to appeal to greed your ad will generate a response.


  2. Promote through fear – Fear also is one of the strongest advertising motivators. Demonstrate that failure to buy or act will have dire consequences. What happens if you don’t buy life insurance? What is the risk of driving on bald tires? If you don’t get an annual dental exam you risk a root canal or gingivitis. You get the idea. And be sure to back up the argument with facts and figures.


  3. Appeal through compassion – Many corporations use compassion as a tool to build empathy with consumers, and to promote sales. Demonstrating ways that you and your target audience can help others is a great way to gain attention. Sponsor a non-profit event. Create a special sale where part of the proceeds goes to charity. Find a way to appeal to consumers so that it both builds positive brand awareness and sales. When using this strategy, consider what kind of compassionate link you need to forge with prospective customers? Does it make more sense to create an ad that addresses world hunger, or will get more attention by supporting a local Little League team? If you can appeal to your target market with compassion, they will remember your, and they will be more likely to buy from you.


  4. Sell with humor – The big advertising agencies get the big money by coming up with clever and funny ad concepts. If you are going to try to sell with humor, beware; this is a slippery slope. First, make sure whatever humorous concept you come up with speaks to your brand and brand value, e.g. don’t use chicken jokes to sell plumbing services. Second, make sure your ad is really humorous. Test it with friends and family. Third, make sure it’s in good taste. Fourth, consider whether the ad has lasting humorous appeal. Some humorous ads remain clever over time while others get stale very quickly. If you can find the right humorous combination, your ad will not only be funny but memorable and maybe even go viral.


  5. Appeal to your tribe – Find the common denominator with your target market and appeal to them as members of the same exclusive club. Whether it’s community pride, or sharing a love for an exclusive product, or an insider’s knowledge that others don’t have, make your audience feel special and included.

These are just some of the emotional appeals that should be considered as you develop your newspaper advertising ideas. Understand what motivates your customers and you can appeal to them with a message that will prompt the right call to action.

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 30, 2014 1:41:00 PM
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