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8 Great Tips to Blog Your Way to Better Digital Marketing

Blogging Attracts Organic Traffic

A quality blog full of useful and action-oriented information is an effective method of digital marketing. Blogging to market your business helps to build your brand as an authority within your industry, which creates trust and satisfaction within your customer base. And your blog's personality through digital marketing is a tool that can be used to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are eight digital marketing tips that are sure to skyrocket your blogging success:



1. Focus on Engagement

Engage with readers through your words by telling stories, asking questions, and offering valuable ideas and tips that people can use in their every day lives. Give readers a reason to check out your other website content.


2. Offer Subscription Options

Use digital marketing to offer subscription options through RSS feeds and email campaigns. Make sure that there is an opt-in option for all of your subscription feeds and campaigns on every page of your blog.


3. Include a Target Keyword

While stuffing your content with keywords is certainly a no-go, it is essential to focus on a target keyword and include it in your title, your meta description, and once or twice in the content body itself.


4. Use an SEO Plug-in

Install a plug-in that allows you to quickly fill in SEO information for each new piece of content you publish on your blog – it gets the attention of search engines, and lets readers know what to expect.


5. Include Social Options

All of your content should include the option to share it with a large variety of social networks to increase your chances of going viral. People want to share engaging content!


6. Keep Things Clean

Your content should be easy to follow with subheadings and bullet points when necessary. Readers appreciate being able to scan and find the specific information they're looking for.


7. Enrich with Photos

People love visual content – a high quality photo or two that depicts the topic of your content can go a long way with engagement. Make sure to add credits to any royalty-free photos borrowed from the Internet.


8. Use a Call-to-Action

Increase conversions through digital marketing by adding a call-to-action within your content. Something like "contact me for more information" or "get in touch to collaborate" will invoke action in your readers.

Incorporating all of these digital marketing tips into your blog will help you to build a strong community of readers.


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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Mar 16, 2015 9:30:00 AM
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