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How Freedom News Group Uses Inbound Marketing for B2B

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Nov 26, 2014 11:51:00 AM

Inbound Marketing for Newspapers

Inbound marketing is a methodology that embraces the cultural shift of how people find and purchase products and services.  It is an effective way to reach and engage modern day consumers online.  

Consumer behavior has changed and people commonly find products and services in three ways: 

  • They search for something online using a search engine such as Google.  Depending on where they are on the buying cycle they may search for a specific brand or product.  Most searches are local to allow them to visit the store location if needed

  • They browse, surf, and stumble upon something they may be interested in during their searches

  • They receive active and passive suggestions from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Inbound marketing attracts consumers with this methodology and considers the 3 main ways people find products and services online.  The inbound methodology involves 4 simple stages.  



SEO Case Study | California Replacement Windows

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Nov 14, 2014 3:44:00 PM

How We Helped This Local Window Company Get Found Online


3 Ways We Help Local Businesses with SEO

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Nov 4, 2014 8:50:00 PM

Newspapers and SEO?

Newspaper websites actually have high page rank and link authority especially within the local regions where they serve. Local newspapers are the main source where big national media sites like Yahoo get their local news from. Because of this link authority, media companies such as the Orange County Register and The Press Enterprise partnered with tech company Own Local to develop online business directories and other web services to help their clients with SEO.  


PPC, CPC, and CPM. Commonly Used Online Advertising Acronyms

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Aug 19, 2014 11:42:18 AM

Online Advertising Acronyms

If you're relatively new to Internet marketing, you may feel like you're drowning in acronyms. You have to choose between CPM or PPC when you place an ad in many online outlets, but you've probably heard "CPC" rather than "PPC" in your marketing reports and you're probably aware that it's actually CPA you're most concerned about.


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Inbound Marketing | 3 Ways To Start Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 25, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Starting an inbound marketing strategy requires alot of time planning and visualizing your goals, current situation, and strategy.  Starting with an inbound marketing plan that details out all the components gives marketers a great guideline to manage campaigns.  


Marketing To Suburban Women On Facebook Can Influence Their Friends

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 24, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Facebook Friends Have An Influence On Purchases 

How powerful are recommendations on Facebook?  Google recently did a survey to determine the influence of friend recommendations on Facebook.  The survey revealed that certain age groups were most likely to make a purchase based on a Facebook friend's recommendation. The study also revealed that certain regions in the US are more likely to make a purchase based on a Facebook friend's recommendation that other regions.  PPC Associates recently posted a blog on Heyo Hub with an info graphic illustrating the data.


How to Make the Most out of Subscribers, Followers, and Likes

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 22, 2014 3:16:17 PM


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10 Elements of An Effective Print Ad

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 7, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Elements of An Effective Print Ad

No matter what people say about print publications, people still purchase and read them on a frequent basis. Reaching print readers to generate response takes effective advertising strategies.  Below are 10 elements of an effective print ad.  


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Local Online Business Directories

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 3, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Local Security Education Company Had Difficulty Generating Students to Fill Classes

Security Guard Academy and Training Center provides education and training for security guards.  They launched a new website in 2012 and needed assistance in online marketing and lead generation.  Their target markets were students interested in pursuing a career in Security and surveillance services.      


Topics: seo, search optimization, link building

4 Parts of an effective Lead Generation Campaign

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 1, 2014 3:30:00 AM

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

The Internet has transformed the marketing landscape. As more consumers opt to look for information online, businesses have to realign their marketing strategies to reach their target customers. However, not all businesses are getting it right with online marketing campaigns. Some campaigns are just not resulting to the leads marketers are looking fo


Topics: inbound marketing, lead generation