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5 ways to use emotional appeal on your newspaper print ads

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 30, 2014 1:41:00 PM

Marketing with emotional apeal

What makes a great newspaper ad? There are many factors: message, typeface, artwork, headline. What you really need are good newspaper advertising ideas so your message and your business will jump off the page.


Topics: print advertising, newspaper advertising

6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Care About

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 30, 2014 1:28:00 PM

What Marketing Metrics Does Your Boss Care About?

Are you preparing to present a marketing presentation to the C-level executives? If so, forget about click-per-post and similar metrics because that will just not cut it with the management board. CEOs and CFOs are more interested in how marketing is helping the business make more money. In addition, they want to know if the money injected in marketing is worth it.


Topics: inbound marketing, lead generation, metrics, analytics

5 Ways to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 30, 2014 1:21:00 PM

Turning Facebook Fans into Customers

You have been cultivating quite the Facebook fan base, making sure that your reach is large and followers are consistently interacting with your original content. Your business has daily content being published, so why aren't your Facebook followers turning into paying customers yet?


What Are CTAs and How Can it Help Generate Leads Online?

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 26, 2014 1:27:49 PM

Using Call to Actions for Lead Generation

Imagine you are walking down the street and you suddenly recognize a business colleague, the woman you have been trying to get a meeting with for months, is approaching. You manage to start up a conversation and begin pitching a project you would like to collaborate on. She seems genuinely interested and responds with: “I would really like to hear more.” In that moment, you know you have both her attention and interest. You put your plan in action by exchanging contact information and scheduling a meeting for the next day. 


Topics: inbound marketing, lead generation