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Breaking Down The Lead Conversion Process

Converting Site Visitors Into Qualified Leads


Generating website traffic is just the beginning phase of the lead generation process online.  Feel free to view our webinar recording on Attracting Site Traffic with Inbound Marketing to learn more.  Once you generate site traffic, the next phase is to convert site visitors into qualified leads for your sales teams.  


This phase of the inbound marketing methodology consists of the following tactics:

  • Creating Call to Actions site visitors love
  • Designing Landing Pages to define the offer's benefits
  • Creating Online Forms to convert the visitor into a lead
  • Directing all conversions to a Thank You Page to deliver the offer
  • Segmenting Contacts to set up the lead to customer conversion process 







Creating Call To Actions People Love

Knowing your buyer persona's needs and challenges can help you create Call To Actions that people would most likely be interested in.  Its also a good practice to have multiple CTAs on a page to attract prospects for each stage of the buying cycle.    

Smart CTAs
Smart CTAs are Call To Actions that change based on certain rules that you can set up.  If a visitor has previously clicked on that CTA and revisits the site, they will see a different CTA that they also might be interested in.  This is one way to customize your website with content that speaks to the visitor based on their stage of the buying cycle.  


Designing Landing Pages to define the offer's benefits
Call to Action clicks should be directed to a landing page that outlines the benefits and specifics of the offer.  This gives the visitor a chance to make a decision of accepting the offer displayed on the Call To Action.  


Creating Online Forms to convert the visitor into a lead
Landing pages include online forms to collect lead information in exchage of the offer. These offers can be a free ebook, event reservation, consultation appointment, etc.     


What type of questions should be on the forms?
Online forms can sometimes be intimidating for visitors to fill out if they are too long or ask certain questions that visitors don't usually want to provide.
Its best practice to start with the Basic questions to ask to convert the lead.  
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Company URL
  • City 


You can then use method called progressive profiling which uses incremental data through time to better understand the lead.  Smart forms is one way you can deploy progressive profiling.  This means that the visitor will see a different set of questions the next time they visit one of your landing pages. This allows you to ask more detailed questions.

  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • Budget?
  • Job Role?
  • Industry?

These questions enables you to immediately qualify a lead and group them into persona segments.  It also allows you to learn more about the lead's situation, needs, desires, concerns, etc.  This is great information that will enable your sales teams to understand the prospect and help close business.   




Directing all conversions to a Thank You Page to deliver the offer


After filing out the online form, leads are directed to a page to thank them for their interest and provide information to download or receive the offer.   

The goals of a thank you page is to:

  • Follow up with the new lead
  • Deliver the content offer
  • Set expectations
  • Provide additional direction and related resources



Segmenting Contacts to set up the lead to customer conversion process 
Once you have collected information about the lead, you can segment them into grouped lists based on data to give them a more personal marketing experience.  
  • Pages and blog posts visited
  • Landing page form data
  • Email history
  • Download history
  • Life cycle stage
  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Role/positon
  • Company size

Segmenting lead lists would help with personalized messages and set up for the future marketing efforts for the closing process.  Impersonal email blasts usually get a high rate of opt outs and low open rates.  You can avoid this by providing leads with marketing information they need and love based off of the information they provided you from your website.  


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