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How Freedom News Group Uses Inbound Marketing for B2B

Inbound Marketing for Newspapers

Inbound marketing is a methodology that embraces the cultural shift of how people find and purchase products and services.  It is an effective way to reach and engage modern day consumers online.  

Consumer behavior has changed and people commonly find products and services in three ways: 

  • They search for something online using a search engine such as Google.  Depending on where they are on the buying cycle they may search for a specific brand or product.  Most searches are local to allow them to visit the store location if needed

  • They browse, surf, and stumble upon something they may be interested in during their searches

  • They receive active and passive suggestions from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Inbound marketing attracts consumers with this methodology and considers the 3 main ways people find products and services online.  The inbound methodology involves 4 simple stages.  



What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is an all in one marketing software that allows inbound marketing managers to manage and streamline all marketing acitivites.  The software provides an all in one solution with many tools such as website builder, manager, email marketing, lead management, analytics, and much more.  

Freedom has partnered with Hubspot to use the software in 3 different ways:  

1. Lead Generation for Advertising Sales

A common problem in the newspaper industry is that newspaper websites are limited to collect lead information and help nurture prospective advertisers down the sales funnel.  Traditional newspaper websites miss out on advertising revenue opportunity because they don't have an agency site to display their product/service offering. Newspaper sites are focused on the news and not on the potential solutions they can offer to their advertisers. Interested advertisers are directed to a contact number for information or they are lead to a media kit site that offers media kits downloads without asking the lead for any information.  This presents a missed opportunity to follow up and nurture these leads into sales ready contacts.  

With the use of Hubspot, we developed a website that is a lead generation machine. It helps drive top funnel leads and nurtures them into sales ready advertisers.   The site includes automated emails to customers everytime they download a media kit and sends them relavant information based on what they downloaded. Once they are nurtured down to sales ready leads, each ad sales manager receives a lead notification for their team to follow up and close. 



2. Licensed Agency reseller for Hubspot and Inbound Services


Partering with Hubspot also enabled Freedom News Group to generate revenue through reselling Hubspot to advertisers and offering inbound services to help businesses generate more clients and revenue through inbound marketing.  Using Hubspot for digital campaigns takes out the common industry guess work of how the campaign has been working.  The industry has always been focused on selling impressions and clicks which does not tie in true ROI if the campaign is really working.  

Hubspot allows advertisers to view all marketing sources and what has been working.  Each lead in Hubspot has detailed history of how they found your site, what pages they visited, and what forms they filled out, which gives marketing managers a bird's eye view of what is really working and how to allocate their markering budget for future success.  




3. Campaign Solution for Landing pages and Analytics

Besides print advertising solutions, newspapers have been focused on selling online advertising through their high traffic news websites, ad networks and paid search ads on search engines like Google.  Sales reps often go to customers each month and show them their campaign performance of impressions delivered, clicks, and phone calls made from the campaign.  The problem is that most of these advertisers lead these campaigns to their home page or a landing page where they don't have access to detailed analytics.  These lead to poor conversion rates of actual leads and customers.

As a solution, we have dedicated the Hubspot landing page tool to develop landing pages for our digital campaigns.  This allows advertisers to see the true ROI of each campaign they are running from our company and other campaigns with other agencies.  This gives advertisers true value of the media vehivle plus detailed analytics of what is working and where the most leads are coming from. Marketing managers can then make adjustments to campaigns and allocate budgets more wisely.    


Changing the Newspaper Industry

As one of the first news media partners of Hubspot, we are proud to be using Inbound Marketing to help change Freedom News Group and the newspaper industry with the new marketing practices to provide solutions within the company and for our advertisers.  Want Learn more about Inbound Marketing? Register for our complimentary webinar.  

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