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How to Make the Most out of Subscribers, Followers, and Likes


Sometimes it seems like marketers are focused solely on collecting followers, subscribers and fans on social media networks—but simply having a large number of people connected to your accounts is not enough. You have to employ the right strategies to successfully capitalize on each group.

Twitter Followers

When it comes to Twitter, numbers should not be your primary focus. Companies are often determined to gain as many followers as possible regardless of their actual value. Many followers never engage with the brand and fail to compliment social media marketing efforts. Most brands with thousands of Twitter followers think they are driving interactions and expanding their campaign’s reach, when in fact a majority of the accounts are fake, inactive, or irrelevant to their business. Shift your focus from building up a huge following to engaging your current followers.

First, make sure that you’re following the right users. Connect to accounts within your industry that have similar profiles—many will follow you back, creating a pool of users who have a lot in common with your brand. Additionally, follow industry experts; you’ll gain valuable insight and have thought-provoking content to share with your own followers.

Next, make sure the content you Tweet is valuable to your consumers. Irrelevant messages will fail to drive engagement. Establish your brand as an industry leader to maximize interactions. Don’t just repost articles from other sources—create new, original content and provide your own opinions on relevant matters. Do this, and followers will want to retweet your messages.

Finally, respond to your Twitter followers! Develop transparent, two-way communication with your customers. Personalized messages will build stronger consumer-brand relationships and drive greater brand engagement.

Facebook Fans  

Here, it’s easy to associate “likes” and fans with user engagement. If companies want to grow their presence on Facebook, their goal is usually to gain more page likes/fans. If you’re doing this, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Think about it, random people who have never used your product/service aren’t going to seek out your brand on Facebook and “like” your page. Primarily, current customers will make up your fan base. So how do you expand your reach while also attracting new customers?

Focus on the friends of your fans—these are going to be your best prospects. You should be reaching out to new customers through Facebook, and the way to do that is through your existing fans. Create conversations, contests, and other interactive content to spread awareness and expand your brand’s reach on Facebook.

Word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly effective and because a trusted, respected friend has done business with you, you already have a foot in the door. People leave lasting impressions on their friends—make sure your brand is part of that impression.

YouTube Subscribers

Your online video marketing strategy shouldn’t end after amassing a huge list of YouTube subscribers. Having a YouTube channel is great; you’re meeting video viewers on their preferred platform. Video views drive awareness and your subscriber count builds connections—but you need to focus on making the most of the subscribers you have.

Lead viewers to your mobile video app. Here, you have power over how your video views are monetized, whether it’s through an online video ad strategy or in-app purchase. On the mobile app, you will be able to foster direct engagement and create deeper connections with your customers. You control the user interface and therefore, the user’s experience.

When dealing with social networks and digital media, refrain from concentrating on numbers alone. You have to be able to take the numbers you do have and create interactions, conversations, and ultimately brand engagement. Only then will you have the power to maximize your brand’s reach and overall exposure.

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 22, 2014 3:16:17 PM
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