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How We Used Inbound Marketing to Turn a New Website into A Lead generation Machine

Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight

The inbound marketing methodology is simple.  First you attract site traffic, you then convert them into leads, close them into customers, and finally delight your customers to be repeat customers and promoters of your business. 


Freedom News Group Lead Generation Website

To prove this methodolgy works, I have broken down actual steps and performance of our own lead generation website that was recently launched in October 2014.  



Step 1: Buyer Personas

The first thing we did was determine what personas we wanted to attract to this website.  This first step is very important to develop your strategy.  Each and every page of your site should connect and engage with visitors. Knowing the details of your personas will help you develop the rest of your inbound strategy.




Step 2: Develop Smart Goals

Part of the inbound marketing planning process is to determine your specific goals.  First thing we did was determine the website's first 3 months metrics during the launch.   This included site traffic, lead conversions, and closed customers.  It also included a breakdown of marketing sources of where they came from.    

Our 2014 site metrics were 3,103 visits and 199 leads within 3 month period. (6.4% conversion rate)

  • Organic search- 142 visits/ 3 leads (avg. 47 visits/1 lead per month
  • Referral traffic- 1,770 visits/174 leads (avg. 590 visits/58 leads per month)
  • Email marketing- 37 visits (avg. 12 visits per month)
  • Direct traffic- 1,154 visits/22 leads (avg. 384 visits/ 7 leads per month)

Our goal was to increase traffic and leads by 10% from the previous quarter. From this goal, we set targeted numbers for each marketing source and developed a plan for each channel.


Step 3: Create an "Attract" Strategy

The attract stage of inbound marketing includes the strategies below:

  • Keyword research used to optimize your web pages
  • Blogging with content to attract personas using keywords from the research
  • Sharing content on social media channels that your personas commonly use
  • Paid ads and other sources of links to attract personas to the site

Click Here to Watch the past webinar "Attracting Site Traffic with Inbound Marketing".


Step 4: Develop a "Convert" Strategy

Converting site traffic into leads includes the following strategies:

  • Developing "Call to Actions" your personas will click on
  • Directing those clicks to a landing page with an offer they can't resist
  • Asking the right questions with an online form to collect information about the lead
  • Managing contacts and customizing communications to segmented lists 


Click here to watch the previous webinar "Converting Leads With Inbound Marketing".


Step 5: Craft a "Close and Delight" Strategy

The last peice to the methodology is to use the strategies below:

Closing Customers

  • Developing outstanding email campaigns to segmented lists/contacts
  • Using workflow automation to streamline campaigns based on visitor actions
  • Use lead scoring to determine leads that are the highest priority or best fit
  • Integrating a CRM to integrate sales and marketing efforts


Delighting Customers

  • Using Social media to offer customers exclusive content and promotions
  • Personalizing content with Smart Call To Actions and Web Pages


Click Here to Watch the previous webinar "Closing and Delighting Customers with Inbound Marketing"



The Metric Results:


Q1 2015




Q2 2015

Organic Search Results:








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