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Inbound Marketing | 3 Ways To Start Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Starting an inbound marketing strategy requires alot of time planning and visualizing your goals, current situation, and strategy.  Starting with an inbound marketing plan that details out all the components gives marketers a great guideline to manage campaigns.  

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Components of the inbound marketing plan might include the following:

  • • Aligning inbound strategy with business goals
  • • Benchmark current sales and marketing metrics
  • • Set traffic/lead generation and customer acquisition goals
  • • Define buyer personas
  • • Keyword research and selection
  • • Identify competitors
  • • Blog content plan
  • • Social media plan
  • • Email marketing and lead nurturing plan
  • • Timeline
  • • Performance review


3 Ways to start your inbound marketing campaigns

1. Definine your buyer personas-

Creating fictional characters that represent and connect to your target market helps represent your company's ideal market.  Buyer persona information can be created through research, interviews, and client surveys. Once each persona is defined, you can then create a unique strategy for each buyer persona through blogs, lead nurturing, social media, email marketing, etc.    


2. Determine your company's marketing goals

Create attainable and realistic goals.  The more specific your goals are the better.  Below are some examples:  

  • Site visit goals, leads, and customers growth plan
  • Provide measurable and specific numbers
  • Understand current benchmarks and set attainable goals
  • Set goals that relate to overall goal
  • Include a time frame 


3. Create an Inbound campaign framework

  • Choose a detailed strategy after defining your marketing goals

  • Designe an effective and inbound marketing workflow/conversion plan

  • Delegate action items to team members and plan a time frame with deadlines


These 3 things should help get you started in creating effective inbound marketing campaigns.

Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 25, 2014 3:30:00 AM
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