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Local Security Education Company Had Difficulty Generating Students to Fill Classes

Security Guard Academy and Training Center provides education and training for security guards.  They launched a new website in 2012 and needed assistance in online marketing and lead generation.  Their target markets were students interested in pursuing a career in Security and surveillance services.      

Security Guard Academy wanted to increase their "Guard Card Class" which is a 1-day class aimed at private citizens looking for work.  They were currently getting 5 students on a good week and wanted to reach 10-15 new students each week. 

Needed to Drive More Traffic to Their Website

Before working with Freedom News Group, Security Guard Academy and Training Center had a website with a Google page rank of 1.  They launched their new website with little or no knowledge of SEO and lead generation.  Their main source of traffic was from referrals from current students in his class.  They needed a solution to drive more site traffic and generate more leads for Security Guard Classes.

How did We Help?

After analyzing their needs, goals, and budget, Enterprise Media provided a digital marketing campaign that included a combination of organic and paid search engine optimization services.  

  • Search Engine Marketing campaign for “pay per click” ads which directed the client to a landing page for form submission. 


Security Guard Academy Case Study



With 35-45 new leads per month, Google Adwords had been his best tool for reaching new students and converting them to register for classes.  Website optimization services also improved search ranking and site traffic, as well as improved the site’s page rank from a PR of 1 to a PR of 3 within the first 2 months. 



Their online business directory resulted in higher search engine rankings than their current website for all organic keyword searches.  Overall performance was more than Martin expected to see within the first 2 months.   

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jul 3, 2014 3:30:00 AM
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