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Reaching the Los Angeles DMA

Freedom News Group and the LA DMA

The Los Angeles DMA is comprised of more people than 46 U.S. states.  The LA DMA is greater than the population of every state except Texas, New York, and Florida.  It is composed of 4 Southern California counties including Los Angeles county, San Bernardino county, Oange county, and Riverside county.   



This DMA has over 18 million people, 5.8 million households, $294.7 billion in retail sales, and $319.6 billion in consumer expenditures which makes the LA DMA a gold mine for opportunity.  

Freedom communications, also known as the Orange County Register, has dominated Orange County, CA for years through its news media reach with various print publications and online news/entertainment websites. The 2014 purchase of the Press Enterprise expanded its audience in Riverside and San Bernardino County, and the purchase of the Easy Reader Publications grew its audience in Los Angeles County.  This expansion has made Freedom News Group an effecive choice in reaching this LA DMA audience.     

Freedom News Group Consumer Brands

The newspaper industry experienced drastic changes in the last few years which brings challenges to continually improve the quality and overall value of the newspaper.  Newspapers still provide a vital role in the the health of communities to provide local quality content.  




Freedom has 3 main consumer brands which provides a wide variety of advertising products for businesses to reach this audience.  These brands have a very loyal customer base that is growing year after year.  


1.  The Orange County Register

Three time Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper serving Orange County with a portfolio of leading community newspapers serving 34 cities.  Started in 1905 as the Santa Ana Register serving only 20,000 residents, The Orange County Register has evolved to reach over 92% of Orange County's 1 million households and 3.1 million residents.  OC Register also publishes nich magazines such as OC Family, Coast, and Southland Golf.  

2.  The Press Enterprise

The Press Enterprise, also a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, serves nearly 4.4 million people in Riverside and San Bernardino County.  With its roots dating back to 1878 as the Daily Enterprise and later named as the Press Enterprise in 1983, this newspaper has continured to have a loyal audience with high disposable income.         

3.  Unidos

Southern California's Hispanic communities continue to grow aming up nearly half the Los Angeles population with $160 billion in buying power.  With wekly distribution in Hispanic dominated areas in Orange County, Inland Southern California, Coachella Valley and Los Angeles, Unidos provides an effective balance of local, regional, national and international news.  


Freedom News Group Advertising Products and Services

Newspapers have loyal subcribers and readers which brings the opportunity for advertisers to reach this audience.  Below are the different ways advertisers can reach the LA DMA with Freedom News Group.

Print Ad solutions

  • Orange County Register
  • The Press Enterprise
  • Unidos
  • OC Family Magazine
  • Coast Magazine
  • Southland Golf

Digital Ad Solutions


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