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The Power of Directory Links for Improving Organic Search Results

Freedom Business Directories Help Improve Search Engine Results


Link building has been a well known Off Page SEO strategy to increase site traffic as well as improving search engine results.  The traditional way to build links for SEO is to first identify relevant sites with powerful web authority and secondly reach out to the site administrator to provide a backlink to your website.  This is easier said than done since there could be so many possible issues you might come across in gaining that back link.  

Since the rise of local business directories, gaining backlinks from authority site directories have been one efficient way to help improve search engine results.  Business directories like Google's My Business have changed the way how google users find local businesses and improved their search engine results on a local level.  

Because of this opportunity, newspaper websites started partnering up with technology companies to provide the same exposure to their local advertisers.  Freedom News Group Business Directories are provide powerful backlinks for local businesses in Southern California.  Here is how it works.    







3 Websites Case Studies How We Improved Organic Search Results

I've used case studies of our clients in the past, however to prove that this really works, we tested our business directories with our own websites to see how much it would improve organic search results.



Unidos is our Spanish news website which was launched in August 2014 and has showed significant improvement on organic search results from our directory backlinks which was created in November 2014.



Organic search improvements were seen among more than 20 keyword backlinks from Freedom Business directories.  Below are a few of the keyword search improvements within 3 months:


  1. "Orange County Spanish News" improved 7 positions from #8 to #1
  2. "Spanish News in Orange County" improved 3 positions from #4 to #1 
  3. "Noticias de imigracion en California" improved 27 positions from #41 to #14
  4. "San Bernardino Spanish News" improved 34 positions from #39 to #5



This site is one of the first local niche websites the Orange County Register launched more than 10 years ago.  The site search rankings has decreased due to lack of up to date content but has improved recently after developing backlinks from our Local Business Directories.  



Significant improvements were seen in 20 organic search positions within 3 months of adding directory backlinks.  Below are a few of the keyword improvements.  

  1. "Orange County CA Surf" improved 75 postions from #85 to #7
  2. "Things to do in Orange County" improved 4 positions from #10 to #4
  3. "Orange county entertainment" improved 1 postions from #8 to #7



3. (lead gen site)

Newspaper websites traditionally don't have a dedicated website for lead generation.  Most of the newspaper advertising websites in the nation have a contact page with a list of phone contacts or a form submission for questions. Some have newspaper media sites offer media kits to download, however, do not require information for download which is a missed opportunity to understand the buyer's need and to provide follow up.    

This lead gen website uses inbound marketing to generate leads and drive them down the marketing funnel with specialized content and automation for each persona.  The Power Hubspot allows me to manage leads more effectively and automate notifications to the right sales managers in our organization.  Besides blogs to power organic search I also tested our business directories and saw significant improvements in search results within the first month.  The site has only been live since October 2014 and has had great results within the first few months.    





Organic Search Terms improved within 3 keyword search placements within the first month of setting up the local business directory backlinks.  

  1. "Inbound Marketing Southern California" improved 8 positions from #9 to #1
  2. "Orange County Register Advertising" improved 4 positions from #8 to #4
  3. "Southern CA media services" improved from NA to #100




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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Feb 19, 2015 2:44:01 PM
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