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What a Family Basketball Game Taught Me About Video



Last Saturday afternoon, my two nephews came over to play basketball with my three sons. And there they were -- a spectrum of cousins, ages 8 to 21 -- wildly clamoring for a ball on my driveway. In the midst of the laughter and shoving, I darted into the house for the one thing that would allow me to capture the moment best: my video camera.

And it occurred to me: That’s what video does. It punctuates the most meaningful moments of our lives and records them forever. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, competitions, holidays, vacations, performances -- all of the things that matter most -- deserve, even demand, video. I realized the same holds true with businesses. Just like our personal lives, our business lives present moments and messages that rise above the rest: successes, events, milestones, and growth that are all worthy of video. When a customer sees a video on a website, they stop and pay attention because they know what they are about to see is significant.

That’s the opportunity video creates: to win someone’s full attention for a few moments so we can present that which is most meaningful. Words and pictures do so to an extent, but nothing comes close to the power of video to convey, communicate, and connect.

Whether in our personal lives or our professional lives, video has a unique ability to create a lasting window of experience for another person. It cuts through the everyday noise, transcends the clutter of content, and says: Watch this. It matters.


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Christa Chavez is a principal of Kudos Image & Media, a video production company serving corporations and non-profits in the Orange County and Los Angeles markets.















Posted by Christa Chavez Date: Jun 17, 2015 2:55:00 PM
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