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What Are CTAs and How Can it Help Generate Leads Online?

Using Call to Actions for Lead Generation

Imagine you are walking down the street and you suddenly recognize a business colleague, the woman you have been trying to get a meeting with for months, is approaching. You manage to start up a conversation and begin pitching a project you would like to collaborate on. She seems genuinely interested and responds with: “I would really like to hear more.” In that moment, you know you have both her attention and interest. You put your plan in action by exchanging contact information and scheduling a meeting for the next day. 

Driving Communications

While this scenario may or may not have happened to you in real life, it is true that we actively seek to gain attention and interest to drive our communications. It is the first step towards getting what we want in our personal relationships and it is absolutely critical to the success of our business endeavors. However, successfully communicating in the crowded web marketplace is often more difficult than catching the interest of a busy colleague.

And yet, every visitor who takes the time to come to your website is essentially giving you the same signal. But are you communicating the correct response to generate leads online? To turn your visitors into prospects your website must have clear, concise and specific Calls to Action (CTAs).


Feeding the Funnel

A CTA is a hyperlinked image or text that prompts visitors to take action. A CTA tells your prospect what they need to do to get more information. This can include viewing a webinar, registering for a product demo or subscribing to a newsletter.

CTAs should act like road signs and traffic signals that clearly direct your visitors to your landing pages. Once your prospect arrives at the landing page they should be presented with a valuable, related offer that prompts them to complete a form and leave you with their contact information. Effective CTAs can help you generate leads online by turning visitors into warm, connected leads whom you can then nurture through your sales process.

High-Performing CTAs

The best CTAs share the following characteristics:

  1. Provide visible and clear instructions
  2. Creates a sense of urgency
  3. Placed “above the fold” on the web page 
  4. Engages visitors by being actionable
  5. Incorporates an image that visually aligns with the offer
  6. Aligns with the subsequent landing page.

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Call out the most important elements of the visual. Include “Tweet this!” links that mention key points and vital takeaways from your visual.


Relationship Building Blocks

While an effective CTA is a viable vehicle for gathering leads, in reality your CTAs present a much greater opportunity for your online communications. Your CTAs provide you with a chance to surprise and delight, to under promise and over deliver.

With top-performing CTAs, your offers can distinguish your business, its products and services as something your prospects can benefit from, in a real and tangible way. When you look at your CTAs from this perspective you are ready to begin building relationships that lead to an ongoing journey with your brand.

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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Jun 26, 2014 1:27:49 PM
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