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Why Are Web Directories So Important For Link Building and SEO?

Web Directories and SEO

In Online Marketing, the name of the game is to be discovered. Truth be told, it’s even more subtle than that; link building and seo is actually about placing yourself under a preexisting stream of traffic – the people are already searching for you, so you need to position yourself to receive them. In cyberspace, this position is established by obtaining the equivalent of arrows pointing to your site from others; everything else pretty much flows from that fact.

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Sources for Link building and SEO

There are several places from which to get arrows pointing to your website; they’re not all, however, created equal. Web directories are collections of often reputable websites, arranged into categories so that users can more easily find sites that provide the service or product they’re looking for. They’re great for link building and seo for two main reasons:

  • Human traffic may directly click on the link you leave in the web directory; this could represent a conversion if your website has what they’re looking for
  • Reputable web directories often have high Page Rank, which is Google’s all-important metric for ranking websites; obtaining a backlink from such a site will raise the profile of your own website

Ninja Tactics for Link Building and SEO

The above techniques are fairly straightforward and used by intermediate-level internet marketers. But if you want to really super-charge your link building and seo with web directories, use a few so-called ninja tactics. When finding a category within which to place a hyperlink to your website, gather a handful of website names from that same category; you can approach these sites later for a link by offering to guest post for them in return. For the purposes of link building and seo, Google ranks websites based on the quality of the link as well as the relevance. Your neighboring sites will contain content similar to yours, so a link from them will help bolster your profile in the eyes of the search algorithm – and you’ll move up the rankings.

Web directories are powerful means of seo if you know how to maximize your usage of them; they can give you qualified traffic, as well as help your ranking directly. They represent strong arrows, so to speak, and are still highly-regarded in the link building landscape.


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Posted by Izzy Gregorio Date: Mar 13, 2015 12:26:00 PM
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