Security Guard and Training Academy

Local Security Education Company Had Difficulty Generating Students to Fill Classes

Security Guard Training CenterSecurity Guard Academy and Training Center provides education and training for security guards. Lead instructor Martin Vasquez launched a new website in 2012 and needed assistance in online marketing and lead generation. Their target markets were students interested in pursuing a career in security and surveillance services.

Security Guard Academy wanted to increase their "Guard Card Class" which is a 1-day class aimed at private citizens looking for work. They were currently getting 5 students a week and wanted to reach 10-15 new students each week.

Needed to Drive More Traffic to Their Website

Before working with us, Security Guard Academy and Training Center had a website with a Google page rank of 1 out of 10. They launched their new website with little or no knowledge of SEO and lead generation. Their main source of traffic was from referrals from current students in his class. They needed a solution to drive more site traffic and generate more leads for Security Guard Classes.

How Did We Help?

After analyzing their needs, goals, and budget, we developed a digital marketing campaign that included a combination of organic and paid search engine optimization services.

Security guard training center search results


With 35-45 new leads per month, Google Adwords was his best tool for reaching new students and converting them to register for classes. Website optimization services also improved search ranking and site traffic, as well as improved the site’s page rank from a PR of 1 to a PR of 3 within the first 2 months.

Their online business directory resulted in higher search engine rankings than their current website for all organic keyword searches. Overall performance was more than Martin expected to see within the first 2 months.

Fritts Ford

About Fritts Ford:

Fritts FordFritts Ford is an automotive dealership that offers an extensive inventory of cars, trucks and SUV’s in the Southern California market.

The Challenge:

Fritts Ford wanted a new and unique way to gain exposure and increase branding for their dealership in the Riverside and San Bernardino markets since traditional forms of advertising resulted in a declining response from consumers.

Our Approach:

  • Design HTML email templates with their weekly ads and embed links to specific vehicles.
  • Send weekly targeted email blast campaigns to consumers within specific geographic locations in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
  • Deliver campaign analytics reports to client and track which type vehicles had the highest views.

The Results:

  • Fritts Ford saw an immediate response and increase in foot traffic when consumers that came to their dealership mentioned they received an email about their weekly sales.
  • The client was so pleased with the results of their email blasts that they secured campaigns for the rest of the year and have increased their spend by 20%.


About Stratosphere Las Vegas:

StratosphereStratosphere is a hotel resort that offers premier amenities and entertainment to visitors in the heart of Las Vegas.

The Challenge:

Stratosphere needed a cost-effective online solution to compliment their existing print buy to drive increased awareness and visitors from the Riverside and San Bernardino markets to their Las Vegas Hotel Resort.

Our Approach:

  • Create and design a dynamic pencil ad to capture a high level of engagement on the homepage.
  • Deliver campaign analytics reports and monitor number of leads and bounce rate on client website.

The Results:

  • Stratosphere saw an immediate increase in site traffic by leveraging the power of online advertising.
  • The client identified higher conversions and ROI by running their print and online advertising campaign as part of an integrated strategy to boost sales.

California State University San Marcos

CSU San MarcosAbout CSU San Marcos:

California State University San Marcos College of Extended Learning offers educational programs for individuals looking to change careers, advance their current career or explore personal interests.

The Challenge:

CSU San Marcos College of Extended Learning needed a robust marketing strategy to maximize the awareness of their new satellite campus in Temecula, California.

Our Approach:

  • Create a variety of dynamic peel back and large rectangle ads to increase awareness of their new local campus.
  • Launch a robust social media marketing campaign leveraging Facebook and Twitter to engage the online community about their education programs for working professionals.
  • Design an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign targeting keywords and key phrases that have high search volume and low cost-per-click (CPC).

The Results:

  • CSUSM Extended Learning was very pleased with the ROI of their online campaign and the service after the sale they received from our team.
  • The client has mentioned that our team actively listened to their business objectives and consistently delivered new ideas to the table with our consultative approach.