Flite Ads

Flite is an ad technology platform that enables customers to build, attract, and measure interactive, content-rich ads—both web and mobile—at scale. As the leader in paid media publishing, Flite allows advertisers to scale content marketing and web app functionality into their digital advertising.

Features and benefits of using Flite

  • Enrich ads with both content and functionality: stream fresh, real-time content and web applications directly into ad units.
  • Update ads in real-time: respond immediately to performance metrics and daily events by updating your ads with relevant content and functionality.
  • Understand interactions: measure deep engagement metrics, like interaction rate, engagement rate, and time on unit, and get insight into what’s resonating with visitors.

Functionality & sizes

Wide range of component functionality, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube and mp4 video
  • Maps (mobile)
  • Polls
  • Forms
  • Age gate
  • Countdown clock
  • Buy Now (a selection of popular online retailers, like Target, Walmart, and Amazon)

All IAB Rising Stars (both web and mobile) templates available. Custom ad unit sizes of any dimensions.

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