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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising on search engines and social media websites generates qualified leads and reaches different audiences. Pay-per-click means that your allocated campaign budget is not depleted until potential customers click on your ads. This option generates qualified leads–people potentially looking for or interested in your product or service. Targeting options on PPC campaigns vary from the channel you choose.

  • Google and search engines: Targeting by keyword searches

Google SEM



  • Facebook: Targeting by profile info, birthday, interests, likes, zip code, age, gender, etc.

    Facebook advertising




  • LinkedIn: Targeting by region, industry, company size, position, etc.

    Linked In Advertising



  • Youtube: Targeting by keywords, gender, age, interests, location, etc

    Youtube Advertising


  • Twitter: Targeting by gender, locations, keywords, category, usernames, audiences, etc.

    Twitter Advertising

How It Works

1. Consultation Meeting
Our team leads an Initial meeting to discuss campaign goals, target audiences, KPIs, etc.

2. Campaign Management
We research the best opportunities to reach your target audiences and goals, then launch campaigns that target different personas in different PPC channel options.

We launch and manage your pay-per-click campaigns for optimal performance. All campaign clicks lead to a landing page that include online forms to build a lead database.

3. Review
Our team leads a monthly campaign review for results, leads generated, customers closed, recommended improvements, etc.

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