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Retail Advertising Solutions

Register Communications has many print and online advertising options for retail businesses. Below are some options for print and online advertising campaigns.   


Print Ad Channel Options
Orange County Register
OC Community Newspapers
The Press-Enterprise 
The Weekly and Sunday Weekly
Coast Magazine
OC Family Magazine
Southland Golf Magazine



Online Ad Channel Options


Newspaper Specs and Guidelines

ROP Make-up requirements 
Depth of 21 column inches, six columns to a page. Ads of unique proportions subject to publisher’s authorization. Advertising over 19 inches deep will be set full and charged accordingly. In tabloid format, advertising over 8.5 inches deep will be set full and charged accordingly.

Mechanical specifications
Type is by photo composition. Halftone screens should be 100 lines.

Standard Page
6 columns wide by 21” deep
Columns Inches
1 1.639”
2 3.389”
3 5.139”
4 6.889”
5 8.639”
6 10.389”
12- Double Truck 21.875”

Tabloid Page
5 columns wide by 10.25” deep
Columns Inches
1 1.833”
2 3.792”
3 5.750”
4 7.708”
5 9.667”
10-Double Truck 20.167”


Publication Day Deadline
Monday Thursday 5 p.m.
Tuesday Friday 5 p.m.
Wednesday Monday 5 p.m.
Thursday Tuesday 5 p.m.
Friday Wednesday 5 p.m.
Saturday Thursday 5 p.m.
Sunday Thursday 5 p.m.
The Guide- Friday Tuesday 5 p.m.
Home Seller- Saturday Thursday 5 p.m.

Advance deadlines
An additional 24 hours for holidays and special supplements. Additional pre-press work arising from noncompliance with The Press-Enterprise guidelines, related file construction, or format problems may be charged at a minimum rate of $25 per hour.

Split runs
Two sets of copy in alternate copies of the newspaper. Same size, dimension and product. Minimum size 31 1/2 inches. Use regular inch rate plus $140 (commissionable). Accepted Mondays only.

Deadlines are 24 hours in advance of regular deadlines. Publication days are subject to mechanical press capacity. Standard-size sections are billed as 126-inch page (four-page minimum). Tabloid sections billed as 51.25-inch page (eight-page minimum).

Step/Strip Ads
Ads changing depth across columns (step ads) must measure at least 65 column inches. The ad must step up from left to right. Strip ads of three columns or more must be at least two inches in depth.

Weather Page Strip
Accepted seven days per week. Must be six columns by three inches in depth. Full color only. 15% premium charged.

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