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With over 2.4 billion page views and over 7.8 million unique visitors per month, clearly offers an exceptional opportunity to reach the Los Angeles DMA. reaches 85% of internet users in the US, connecting to more than 33.6 million users ages 18-49 everyday. This highly engaged audience spends an average of 4.5 hours/month.

How does behavioral targeting work?

  1. Registered visitors come to and conduct searches
  2. Yahoo's technology tracks searches in massive databases along sites visited, links clicked, and ads consumers respond to.
  3. The combination of search + page views + search clicks + ad clicks + ad views = BEHAVIORAL TARGETING
  4. When you buy ads targeting behavioral profiles, your ad is displayed across the network to consumers that exhibit that behavioral profile.

Yahoo behavioral targeting

Benefits of Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting makes your advertising message more relevant, no matter where your ad appears it directly reaches qualified customers.

Behavioral targeting enables you to concentrate on consumers in-the-market to buy your product. According to Forrester research, marketers using behavioral targeting see an increase in click through rates and sales conversion rates as a key benefit of behavioral targeting.

With behavioral targeting, you reach the largest audience ensuring timely delivery of your message to the right people at the right time.

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